Lauren Scruggs-Kennedy’s clean-living journey started with a life-changing experience when she walked into a propeller in 2011, losing her left eye and severing her left hand. Now, her life is rooted in balance and daily practices that support mental peace and physical health, and she empowers others to achieve the same.

The Propane Education & Research Council partnered with her to learn more about her clean-living lifestyle and how she’s using propane in her new home.

What does it mean to live a lifestyle rooted in balance?

This relates to all aspects of life, from work/life balance to having grace on yourself when eating clean and living clean; the strict regimens or clean living “rules” have no benefit on our health, so it’s best to balance your life with living in full health with the perspective of balance — AKA it’s okay to eat and ENJOY a gluten-filled dairy-rich pizza every now and then!

Describe your clean-living lifestyle.

I see food as medicine and the products I use as a large contributor to my inner health. Protecting mental health is also so key, and healing your gut affects this! Every part of health truly all connects.

Lauren Scruggs-Kennedy Kitchen with Propane Appliances

Why is it important to you to live this kind of lifestyle?

I feel so humbled that we get to live each day on earth and I never want to take a day for granted. My body is a temple that I am honored to care for, and it not only affects me but others around me. It gives me such peace of mind to nourish it in all aspects of life, from my diet to my practices!

What are some ways that you empower, equip, and educate others on their journey to clean living?

I launched The Clean Sweep, Volume 1 and 2 to simplify understanding our relationship to food, how to eat healthy for our individual body, and also how to understand how ingredients in food and products greatly impact our wellness. Volume 2 focuses on the importance of the products we use (from cleaning products to makeup to bedding) and how we can transition to completely toxin-free products seamlessly!

Why did you choose Idaho as the place to build your new home?

We love Idaho for so many reasons. It is slow-paced living, filled with close friends of ours and nature that we cherish! We love leaving our phones inside and enjoying mental breaks from social media and instead spending time on the lake, the golf course, and in the backyard. It is such a peaceful place!

Lauren Scruggs-Kennedy House Specs

During your build, what things are you incorporating to generate the “cleanest home possible”?

Propane is a big part of keeping our home clean and safe. The kitchen appliances and the fireplaces are key parts of making our home what it is, so we are so grateful to have this option.

Why choose propane?

It is incredibly efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

Sum up your design style in a few words.

Bringing nature inside. Cozy, yet refined, and hand-crafted.

How does propane turn your house into a cozy home?

It allows us to safely make home-cooked meals and keep the fireplaces on during crisp days and nights!

Lauren Scruggs-Kennedy propane fireplace

You’ve said that you get design inspiration from looking around you. What is one thing you saw recently that you used to design a space?

This sounds so random, but a seashell!

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