If you’ve invested in a backyard swimming pool, odds are you’re looking for ways to make the summer season last as long as possible.

Today, options for pool heaters are much more plentiful than just a few years ago, and for less money. If your home already runs on propane, you’re even more in luck!

Compared to other energy sources, propane heaters quickly bring the water up to the desired temperature – up to four times faster than electric models.

“With an electric heat pump, you have to turn it on Monday so the pool will be ready for Saturday,” says Nikki Oakley, construction manager of Anderson Pools and Spas in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Solar also presents challenges. “We do use solar heating when we have the opportunity, but it’s harder in new-home neighborhoods because the roofs are chopped up; you can’t put solar up there efficiently.”

Because gas heaters heat the pool faster, Oakley says, they can be turned off to save energy when the pool’s not in use.

Save money with propane pool heaters that are 96 percent efficient.