Millions of Americans are choosing propane over other energy sources, like electricity, to power their home appliances. In fact, right now propane is used in 48 million households for everything including home heating and water heating, indoor and outdoor cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, backup power, and outdoor living.

You may be asking yourself, what all can propane power in my home, and where can I buy propane appliances?

First, visit the propane appliances section of to see all the things propane can power in your home.

Once you’ve determined how propane can help with your next home project, and what appliances you’re considering, it’s time to use our propane supplier locator tool that will direct you to your propane suppliers in your area. Propane suppliers will be your knowledgeable and professional partner to help you find the right appliance for your home. Your supplier can also provide delivery options to get propane to your home when you need it.