Snuggling under your favorite plush blanket is a great way to cozy up after outdoor chores on a blustery winter day.

But if you’re wearing out that seasonal accessory just to deal with everyday cold spots common with electric furnaces, your family deserves better.

The simple truth is, high-efficiency propane-powered furnaces provide benefits that electric furnaces simply can’t match.


Propane-powered forced-air furnaces heat air to 115-125 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes the indoor air feel warmer and more comfortable compared with heat from electric air-source heat pumps. Those systems often supply temperatures lower than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and are more affected by cold outdoor temperatures, so residents feel chilled even with the heat running.


Space heating and cooling accounts for about half of the energy consumption in most American homes. High-efficiency propane-powered furnaces can help manage heating costs with efficiency ratings from 90 to 98 percent, which qualifies for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label. Plus, propane furnaces maintain their efficiency, over time, better than electric heat pumps.

Environmental impact

Propane-powered furnaces emit 40 percent fewer CO2 emissions than electric air-source heat pumps. Families can rest easy in their warm homes knowing they’re doing their part to minimize their carbon footprint.

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