If you had the opportunity to give your children a better ride to school and keep the air in your community cleaner, wouldn’t you take it?

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a $1.2 trillion law aimed at improving America’s infrastructure. Passed in December 2021, the Act includes over $9 billion in funding for refueling infrastructure and clean vehicles, including propane, which is identified in the Act as an emerging alternative fuel.

This funding provides an opportunity to ensure affordable, clean transportation for communities across the country – including yours.

Today, 22,000 school buses in America run on propane, significantly reducing harmful emissions compared with diesel buses. This means that children aren’t breathing in those noxious fumes, and your neighborhood isn’t doused with black puffs of exhaust.

Kids get a more comfortable ride to school on propane buses because they are quieter and warm up faster in cold weather. They can use their time on the bus to study, read, or talk to their friends about the upcoming football game, and they arrive at school refreshed and ready for a day of learning.

It’s also important to know that propane buses cost one fourth the price of electric models, meaning more funds are available to invest back into the classroom, and more dirty diesels get taken off the road. When school districts invest in propane buses, they’re investing in students’ well-being.

Talk to your school district about propane buses. Sending a letter or email to your school district’s transportation department can start the conversation around how propane buses provide children a cleaner, safer ride to school.

Visit BetterOurBuses.com to learn more.