Regular inspections of your propane system by a qualified professional will give you peace of mind and confidence that your appliances and other components are in tip-top shape and running smoothly.

Plus, periodic communication with your propane retailer can help keep your family safe and comfortable year-round.

Talk to your propane retailer about what type of inspection is right for your home. Inspections can include a leak check of the piping system and propane appliances, review of the tank, regulators, and outdoor piping, and a review of important safety information.

During your next inspection, remember to tell your propane retailer about:

  1. Changes to your system, including appliance installations or removals, since the last inspection.
  2. Maintenance or construction work that’s been done on or near your propane system.
  3. Unusual smells or signs of a possible gas leak.

Watch a video for more tips about propane system inspections here.