The only thing more important than keeping employees productive is keeping them safe. And choosing propane as your fuel can help you do that because you get the additional support of a local propane supplier.

That means you can focus on the business while your supplier ensures the safety of anyone working with a forklift.

Propane suppliers are safety masters when it comes to handling cylinders and can teach your crew about how to properly connect a cylinder to a forklift. With the supplier’s help, your crew will be safety pros in no time.

Here’s how it could work for your operation:

  • Cylinders: Suppliers inspect cylinders each time they’re exchanged or refilled and remove damaged cylinders from service. It’s also a chance for suppliers to repair and replace leaky valves and O-rings on the cylinders as needed. Your supplier can help you identify the most convenient location for your cylinder cages or fuel dispensers so they don’t interfere with workflow.
  • Refueling: Your propane supplier’s priority is making sure your entire team understands how to safely refuel and install propane cylinders on their forklifts. When you choose to use propane forklifts, you can also opt for a cylinder exchange program, where your propane supplier conveniently refills the cylinders for you.
  • Training: Some propane suppliers offer additional safety training opportunities for forklift customers.

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