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You Can Still Have Power When the Power Goes Out


Everyone remembers the feeling of waking up to a dark, cold, silent house caused by an overnight storm that knocked out power across the neighborhood.

It’s an overwhelming feeling of vulnerability. Will the power return before the temperature in the house drops or skyrockets? The isolation weighs heavy as the battery on your cellphone drains and your contact to others is severed.


The fact is, power outages are becoming more frequent and they are lasting longer. That’s why a surging number of homeowners are relying on propane standby generators so that their family will have heat, light, power, and a hot meal when Mother Nature is at her surliest.

Propane standby generators are a powerful, reliable way to protect homes and families – as well as buildings and businesses – from damages to electronics, spoiled food, loss of heat or air conditioning, and more.


They come in a wide variety of capacities, so there’s a model that will meet the needs of any size home, business, or building. And because propane does not degrade over time like gasoline and diesel, you can rest assured the backup power will automatically kick on the moment the power goes down.

Learn how a propane standby generator can give your family reliable backup power – plus peace of mind. You’ll feel more than prepared the next time you see storm clouds on the horizon.

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