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What to Know Before You Expand Your Home’s Kitchen Outdoors

If you’re thinking about expanding your kitchen outdoors, you’re not alone. A recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) ranked outdoor kitchens in the top five most popular design elements among clients.

As you begin to plan your outdoor dining space, here’s three tips to consider:

Embrace Outdoor Living in Any Climate

Whether you live in a cold temperature zone or a remote location, propane makes outdoor cooking and dining possible because of the fuel’s stable shelf life, portability, and availability in any location. A recent case in point is this stylish kitchen that sits under a lake house on Mirror Point in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Your outdoor kitchen may be designed as an extension of your indoor kitchen so that it’s easy to go back and forth, or you may choose to create an outdoor space that’s self-sufficient. That could mean purchasing a second refrigerator to store food and drinks outside. Propane makes it possible to power a variety of outdoor living amenities to create the ultimate outdoor experience.


Just like the rooms in your house are designed to showcase a spectacular view or make living areas more efficient and comfortable, these same ideas make sense for your outdoor space, too. Place appliances so that the cook is facing the best view, like an outdoor entertainment area or a beautiful nature feature. Also take into consideration the location of sun and shade areas, and if you want to pick ingredients from your garden while cooking.

Watch this quick, 30-second video about how to transform your outdoor space with propane.