Shipping orders for Renze Display in Omaha, Nebraska can come two months in advance, or two weeks, or two days — so having the ability to move its custom-built displays, graphics, and trade show exhibits for clients at the drop of a hat is vital. The company’s three propane forklifts maneuver products between shipping bays, fabrication, and warehousing, and ensure both a healthy work environment and reliable performance around the clock.

Compared to Renze’s experiences with electric forklifts, propane doesn’t require hours of downtime for recharging. Propane forklifts also never experience reduced performance regardless of how much fuel remains in the cylinders, and won’t fail on ramps in the company’s two-story warehouse.

With projects for as many as 100 clients on the line daily, using propane versus electric forklifts is the difference between providing customers with extraordinary services or disappointing customers with delays due to working around the demands of electric forklifts.

Hear directly from the Renze Display team about the many benefits propane forklifts provide their business in this Straight Talk video.