You’ve got money at your fingertips. How will you use it to raise your community’s standard of living?

We’ve got an idea. As part of the Volkswagen Settlement, the automaker created a $2.7 billion Environmental Mitigation Trust allocated to states to incentivize fleets to swap older diesel vehicles with new, low-emissions vehicles. The Alternative Fuels Data Center shows how much money is available for your state, plus additional incentives.

The best way to use these funds is to purchase propane school buses that reduce the most amount of emissions at the most efficient cost. That means cleaner air for children to breathe at the bus stop and more money back in the classroom for school supplies, additional teachers, extracurricular programs, and more.

Here are the facts:

You can save up to 96 percent more in reduced NOx emissions when you purchase a modern propane autogas bus instead of an ultra-low sulfur diesel bus of the same vehicle make.

Propane autogas is 93 percent more cost-effective compared with the cleanest diesel bus on the market, costing only $0.19 per mile compared with diesel at $0.80 per mile.

Propane buses operate noticeably quieter than diesel models, allowing drivers to better focus on their passengers and the road.

Check out how much your state has to spend.