Located in Valentine, Nebraska, Bolo Beer Company brews a variety of beers, from IPAs and wheat beers, to some of the more exotic styles like gose and sour beers. This small-town brewery takes great pride in its Nebraska Sandhills location, Midwest work ethic, and top-quality ingredients.

Bolo Beer Company pairs pure aquifer water from underneath the Sandhills — which is not treated or filtered — with clean, American-made propane for water heating. When brewing its beer, the company strives for zero waste, so it was important to select a clean fuel like propane. Propane water heating is used in both the mashing and boiling steps of the brewing process and allows the company to utilize the traditional style of brewing with an open flame. The result is superior products and a more economical, environmentally sustainable process.

Learn more about the Bolo Beer Company’s brewing process in its Straight Talk Video.