Propane Grain Dryers Maximize Efficiency, Flexibility, and Savings

A grower’s operation depends on a healthy environment, just as we all do. When you switch to the latest technology running on clean American propane, your efficiency goes up — and so does the bottom line.


When Carnahan & Sons, producers in Indiana, replaced their old grain dryer with a new propane-fueled GSI X-Stream, they increased efficiency 20 percent over the older model and improved final grain quality on their 4,200 acres of corn, soybeans, and soft red winter wheat.

STAY Flexible

In farming, as in many other businesses, flexibility is critically important. The Carnahans say the latest propane-fueled grain dryer helps them adapt quickly to changing market conditions — including drought.


American-made propane is a domestic, abundant, and convenient fuel used by nearly 40 percent of U.S. farms. The Carnahans use it for more than grain drying. A propane-powered forklift is an essential part of the farm’s operations, and they use propane for space heating and water heating at home.

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