Fleet owners everywhere are paying an increasingly heavy price to run on diesel.

Burdened with complex, expensive technologies to comply with ever-toughening air quality regulations, diesel vehicles are exceedingly more expensive to buy and operate.

And unlike the days when engines could idle unrestricted 24 hours a day, today’s diesels have maximum idle periods of five minutes to avoid problems that can render a vehicle inoperable.

For thousands of businesses, those are serious blows to reliability and profits.

Apache Sands is an Arizona-based tow and recovery company with 21 tow trucks and 23 mobile battery installation vans. Its operators are accustomed to driving more than 100 miles to assist stranded motorists and enduring the extensive idling periods that are required to safely load vehicles. The skyrocketing purchase price, maintenance costs, and repairs for its newer diesel engines triggered a search for better solutions.

By converting 14 vans to propane autogas and eight tow trucks to certified bi-fuel systems, Apache Sands is saving thousands of dollars per vehicle each year on fuel costs and reduced maintenance down time. The switch also has eliminated idling concerns while cleaning up the carbon footprint compared to gasoline or diesel models.

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