Looking for a New Space Heater That Offers Comfort and Savings?

More comfort at less cost. Who doesn’t want that? 

High-efficiency propane furnaces are becoming more popular in U.S. homes because they deliver energy savings and comfort at an affordable cost. In some regions, high-efficiency furnaces are the most commonly installed system for new homes.  

The question of whether to select a high-efficiency furnace — for either a new home or a system replacement — often comes down to cost, comfort, and ease of installation.  

The Facts: 

  • New furnaces can still be as low as 78 AFUE — or 78 percent efficient. And without regular maintenance, they can lose up to 1 percent efficiency each year. Instead, a propane furnace with ratings of 90 AFUE or higher can save you roughly $300 to $800 per year, compared with current standard efficiency units. 
  • Many existing homes have grossly over-sized heating oil or propane furnaces, resulting in heating systems that blast warm air — almost too quickly — when the thermostat calls for heat. When a furnace is sized for the home’s actual heating load, it offers greater comfort with what is often a smaller and less expensive furnace. To do this, an HVAC contractor will perform a heat load calculation, which takes into account changes in the home like additions, a finished basement, adding insulation to the attic, etc. 
  • Propane furnaces provide warmer air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent when compared with electric heat pumps, particularly in areas where electricity is produced by coal-fired power plants. 

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