How Propane Stacks Up on Forklift Emissions

Being environmentally friendly can be a struggle. While it’s something we all try to work toward, it can be hard to know how different fueling methods stack up in terms of emissions.

When it comes to forklifts, propane is a clean, efficient fuel that can help your facility cut back on emissions and increase productivity.


In a study by the Gas Technology Institute and Nexight Group, propane was found to emit 76 percent less sulfur oxide than electric forklifts, and 97% less nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions than diesel.


In addition to reducing emissions, propane forklifts don’t require charging downtime like electric forklifts do. They are easy to maintain, refuel quickly, and have a reputation for being reliable.

Propane and productivity go hand in hand so that you can make your carbon footprint significantly smaller while still providing a powerful fuel source for your forklifts.

See the full results of the study.