Providing environmentally-responsible services is at the heart of Strauser Nature’s Helpers’ operations in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. The company is known for using naturally-based lawn treatments, designing water-efficient landscapes, and offering services that don’t expose residents to chemicals or pollution. Propane mowers were a natural addition to the company in 2014 because the clean fuel offers a level of sustainability that helps to create a clean and healthy green space for each of its residential clients to enjoy.

Below is a full profile of the company’s equipment fleet with details regarding the success it’s enjoyed with commercial propane mowers. Hear directly from the Strauser team in its Straight Talk video.

Equipment Fleet Profile

  • 30 Gravely and Exmark walk-behind and zero-turn mowers.
  • 75% of its mower fleet operates on propane.
  • 2 propane cylinder cages are filled weekly by a propane retailer.

Strauser Natures Helpers Propane Highlights

  • 19% less NOx emissions produced with propane compared with gasoline.
  • 16% fewer SOx emissions with propane compared to gasoline.
  • Virtually spill-proof closed-loop fuel system on all its propane mowers.
  • EPA-recognized clean fuel and non-contaminant of the air, water, and soil.
  • 50 employees trained and acclimated to using propane mowers in just a couple months.
  • $9,000 received from PERC’s Propane Mower Incentive Program for purchasing nine propane mowers.