How Long Until My Water Heater Fails?

Replacing an aging water heater before it gives out can be a financially-prudent move. Not only does it avoid one of the most stressful situations for your family — spending days without hot water — but it gives you time to find a water heater that is energy efficient and can save money in the long run. Waiting until your current water heater breaks down can leave you feeling forced into purchasing a model the local plumber has on hand rather than one that can save your family money — and keep them more comfortable — over its lifespan.

Water heaters last about 12 years on average, but factors including heavy use, cold climates, maintenance, and more all affect its lifespan. It’s hard to know exactly when a water heater finally goes caput, but there is a way to gauge when you might want to start thinking about shopping for a replacement water heater.

The Propane Council’s five-question quiz will help determine if and when you might be in the market for replacing your water heater.

Take the quiz today and see how much time your water heater has left. If the quiz tells you it’s time to start shopping, remember that propane water heaters perform better than electric models, in every category that matters. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of rebates and incentives for installing a new propane-powered water heater. See if your state has rebates available.

Regardless what the quiz says about your existing water heater, do your homework now on the models available the next time you need to buy a water heater.