If you’ve got a propane grill, you’re in good company. More than 50 million American households choose propane for that instant on-off convenience and precision temperature control for a perfectly done meal, every time.

You can ensure your grill is in tip-top shape for every one of your backyard barbecues this summer by following this safety checklist:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Whether it’s assembly, use, maintenance, cleaning, or storage, make your grill manufacturer’s instructions your go-to resource for safe grilling.

Position the grill in a safe location. Keep your grill outdoors and at least five feet from the house on a level surface that is clear of outdoor furniture, overhead trees, or other potential fire hazards.

Check for leaks. Use a soapy water solution to check connections for leaks. Expanding bubbles indicate a leak. Follow this procedure every time you replace a cylinder.

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