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Company Grows Revenue with Propane Forklift

The owner of Mazo Hardware & Rental describes it as a “traditional, small-town hardware store.” But for a small business, annual revenues top $1 million. That’s due in large part to the store’s propane forklift, which plays an integral role in its success.

Here’s how propane expands revenue for this small business:


Material by the truckload is delivered almost daily, and Mazo employees are able to keep up with the pace by using a propane forklift to unload nine pallets in roughly 10 minutes.


From moving pallets of salt for corporate customers, bags of feed for nearby farmers, or garden mulch for local green thumbs, the propane forklift handles a wide variety of load weights while maintaining 100 percent power throughout operation.

“Propane works really well for all of the pallet moving that we do around here,” owner Renee Zaman says. “Electric just wouldn’t do it.


Swapping out or filling up an empty propane cylinder eliminates the need for downtime spent recharging an electric forklift. And because Mazo Hardware also sells propane, they’re able to simply refill the cylinder on-site.

“You just unscrew the tank, fill it up, and hook it back up,” Zaman says. “Two to three minutes of downtime, then we are ready to go again.”

For businesses without a propane tank on-site, other refueling options are available.

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