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Build Public Trust by Switching to Propane Mowers

As a steward of your community’s public green spaces, you’re expected to produce maximum results at the lowest cost. This helps you build a reputation as a trusted community partner and provides a real opportunity to earn a strong public relations win.


Residents in all communities appreciate breathing cleaner air. Landscapers can leverage that goodwill by using propane mowers, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent and carbon monoxide by 40 percent compared to gasoline models.

The Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department in Florida made sure community members learned about its switch to propane mowers by bringing one to as many events as possible. This helped residents identify the county with green energy and build public trust.


There are sound business reasons for switching to propane mowers, too. One propane cylinder powers a day and a half of mowing, and refueling is as simple as swapping out an empty cylinder for a full one. That means crews spend less time refilling gas cans and more time cutting the grass. Or, delivering more services, like maintaining flowers and landscaping.


Perhaps most importantly, propane consistently costs less than conventional fuel, up to 30 percent or more. Even if you have a year-round growing season, your department will have the ability to remain fiscally responsible with taxpayer money.

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