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Are Your Mowers Costing You Money?

It can be easy to fall into the same old habits when purchasing a new mower, whether buying the same equipment because it worked in the past, or buying the cheapest mower because it offers up front savings. But this strategy can end up harming a contractor in the long run.

Instead, contractors can consider if these three common pain points are impacting their business, and how switching to commercial propane mowers can provide a solution.

1. Time spent at refilling stations eats into my company’s profits.

On-site refueling allows crews to spend more time working and less time at gas stations. Contractors can set up a cylinder exchange program with a propane supplier that ensures crews leave each morning equipped with full propane cylinders, removing downtime at gas stations throughout the day.

2. My community’s air quality restrictions frequently sideline my mower operation.

Propane can keep working when air quality action days restrict use of gasoline equipment. Using a propane mower reduces emissions compared to gasoline equipment.

3. Gasoline and diesel price fluctuations greatly impact my business.

The wholesale price of propane falls between the prices of natural gas and oil, which prevents the cost of propane from fluctuating as sharply. Typically, propane costs between 30 to 50 percent less per gallon than gasoline. Savings are even greater when the price of gasoline rises, as it often does during the mowing season.

Contractors can see for themselves by comparing the costs of their existing fleet to propane equipment with PERC’s propane mower calculator.

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