There’s nothing like sitting in front of a warm fire on a chilly night. Homeowners across the country rely on their fireplaces to provide warmth, ambience, and comfort to their homes.

Propane fireplaces can be a great fit for your family if you’re looking for a highly efficient heat source that improves air quality over traditional wood-burning fireplaces and electric units.


When it comes to performance, propane fireplaces have a Fireplace Efficiency score of 90, while traditional wood fireplaces have a score of about 15. This means that in traditional wood-burning fireplaces, air is pulled from inside the house for combustion purposes. Propane fireplaces, however, pull air for combustion from outdoors, meaning that the warm air stays where it belongs — in your house.


Did you know that the electricity used in electric fireplaces is often generated by coal-fired power plants? While electricity may seem like an environmentally-friendly choice, it could actually be producing large amounts of emissions. Propane fireplaces generate less carbon monoxide and fewer pollutants than wood-burning and electric fireplaces, leading to better air quality for your family and for your community.

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