Small Restaurant

Primary concerns: Space savings, performance

Hot-water needs: Sinks, dishwashers, cooking, bathrooms

Challenges: Meeting high supply temperatures required by code with tight space constraints

Solution: 1 high-efficiency tankless water heater

Result: A 96% efficient unit provides 140-degree water for dishwashing and cooking with no drop-off in capacity, and it can be installed outside or tucked away with a wall mount


College residence hall

Hot-water needs: Shower and bath facilities for 120 residents

Challenges: Efficiently meeting high peak demand alongside extended partial-load periods

Solution: 3 high-capacity tankless water heaters

Result: With a total capacity of 750,000 Btus, this array can easily modulate to meet high-demand periods without the standby losses of storage tank water heaters



Mid-size hotel

Primary concerns: Efficiency, space savings

Hot-water needs: 130 guest rooms, restaurant, laundry

Challenges: Efficiently meeting high peak demand with tight space constraints

Solution: 17 tankless water heaters in 3 arrays

Result: By combining wall-hung tankless units into arrays with common vents, the system can fit into a tight mechanical space while ensuring an efficient water supply that meets peak demand


Vacation resort

Primary concerns: Performance, reliability

Hot-water needs: 700 guest rooms, 3 restaurants, large laundry facility

Challenges: Meeting high peak demand so guests don’t experience cold showers

Solution: 175 tankless water heaters

Result: Rather than the expense of heating enormous hot-water storage tanks, a large resort can efficiently meet demand when needed and have peace of mind knowing guests are happy




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