When you do your homework, it’s clear that propane school buses offer school districts great benefits — and far less limitations. Not only are they more affordable to purchase and maintain than electric school buses, but these cost savings translate into even greater emissions reductions. That means healthier children AND healthier bottom lines.

How do Propane Buses Compare?

Don't Reinvent the Wheel - or the Engine

Meeting modern emissions standards can quickly drain the budget of any transportation department. The spark-ignited engines of propane buses mean less disruption and training for fleet mechanics who are used to working on internal combustion engines. Learn more about how propane school buses keep your total cost of ownership low.

More Money for Schools + Healthier Air = Happier Kids

Safe, quiet, and clean propane school buses are the smart choice for today’s student transportation needs. With propane autogas buses, students aren’t exposed to emissions that can aggravate asthma and other health issues. In fact, a study from Georgia State University was able to correlate the cleaner air from propane school buses with an improvement in English test scores for one school district that made the switch from diesel. Learn more about how propane-powered school buses reduce emissions.