Propane autogas remains reliable

Propane autogas is the most cost-effective technology for reducing NOx emissions over the life of the vehicle. Fleets are discovering that clean diesel engines degrade in performance over time, which can cause the engines to become non-compliant with emissions standards. Fleets can trust propane autogas engines to remain compliant with EPA and CARB standards throughout the lifecycle of their vehicles.

Propane autogas buses can be trusted into the future

It’s well documented that clean diesel engines require rigorous and costly maintenance to stay efficient. And failure to keep up with OEM-recommended operating procedures and maintenance intervals has its consequences:

  • Reduced Performance
  • Premature Component Failure
  • Downtime to Clean or Replace DPF and Other Costly System Components

Propane autogas performs cleaner

It’s not enough to be called “clean” — propane autogas walks the walk by protecting the total environment. Diesel, on the other hand, is a toxic contaminant of soil and water resources. Without rigorous maintenance, harmful tailpipe emissions are likely to increase as the vehicle ages and the system degrades. In turn, diesel (and gasoline) can contaminate soil and water resources through spills, leaching, and water runoff.

In real-world testing conducted by West Virginia University in 2018, propane autogas produced 96 percent fewer NOx emissions compared with clean diesel buses. Schools also trust propane autogas buses to reduce particulate matter around students, which can irritate asthma and other breathing-related issues.

Propane autogas doesn’t have hidden costs

Clean diesel buses can only meet EPA and CARB certification levels with complex, expensive technology that costs you more over time — lifetime capital investments in wages, maintenance, repairs, and other hidden costs over the life of the vehicle. Propane autogas does not require additional fluids, filters, or rigorous maintenance and reduces the most emissions of all fuel options. In fact, propane autogas is 93 percent more cost-effective, costing only $0.19 per mile compared with diesel at $0.80 per mile (accounting for fuel and maintenance).

Propane autogas is innovating clean performance

In 2018, Roush CleanTech introduced a “near zero“ ultra low-NOx propane autogas engine to the market. This new engine is certified to the optional ultra low-NOx CARB .02 standard, operating 90 percent cleaner than the EPA’s strictest heavy-duty standard.

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