Why choose propane? The same propane that will power a home’s generator can also power the other major appliances that make life less stressful during a power outage.

A standby generator powered by propane offers advantages that other fuel sources simply can’t match:

  • Permanently installed and supplied by an above- or below-ground tank, it starts automatically the moment the power goes down.
  • Supplies supplemental electricity in as little as 10 seconds after an outage.
  • Propane doesn’t degrade over time, unlike diesel or gasoline, making it an ideal standby power fuel.


Constructing a home or designing a building today requires a leap of faith. How can we trust our built environments to last under the threat of storms, natural disasters, aging infrastructure, and even man-made hazards?

Resilient design provides a path forward, offering strategies for constructing more efficient, durable homes and buildings that can help protect people from weather events and extended losses of power or fuel.

The role of standby power

A reliable propane standby generator is a key part of resilient design. When the power is knocked out, standby power keeps heating and cooling, lighting, refrigeration, and other critical building amenities in operation.

Think about what a resilient home or building protected by standby power can do:

  • Resist hazards brought on by major disasters, such as damage to electronics, spoiled food, loss of heat or air conditioning, and more.
  • Continue providing the primary function of a home — protecting your family — after a disaster, and keep a business’s employees engaged and productive during what would otherwise be downtime.
  • Reduce the magnitude or duration of a disruptive event to a property.

A differentiator for building pros

The fact that you’re reading this article shows that you realize the importance of protecting your projects with standby power. By empowering your customers to overcome the fear, stress, and potential financial losses posed by outages, you’ll build your authority as a trusted partner for your clients.

We’re here to show you how to make the most of the new generator technologies and products available on the market and incorporate them into your business.

In the full guide below, we’ll provide guidance and advice from pros designing cutting-edge applications that combine standby power with renewable resources like solar power and waste heat — both on and off the grid. And we’ll show examples of some of the savviest projects using propane to run more reliably and more efficiently. With these strategies, your next project won’t require a leap of faith — just a step toward a more resilient future.

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