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Lennar is a home construction company based in Miami, Florida, founded on its commitment to quality, value, and integrity. The company builds homes in 21 states in more than 77 popular real estate markets across the nation, including Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Portland, Nashville, and more. Lennar builds homes for all stages of life and catering to all lifestyles. The company was ranked second on the 2020 Builder 100 and Next 100 list, which looks at the top 200 home builders across the United States. Lennar secured the number two spot with over 51,000 total closings in 2019 and approximately $20 million in gross revenue.

One of its communities, The Highlands at Perry Hall, is a brand-new Baltimore area community of luxury single-family homes. There are 54 four- to six-bedroom single-family homes in total, which include the most desired new home features.


Lennar works to attain luxury off the gas main

Building high-end, luxury homes in some of the most desirable real estate markets across the nation can sometimes prove to be a challenge — especially in competitive markets where lots and new opportunities are either scarce or lack access to the gas main, which is what Lennar was faced with at its Perry Hall community.

Propane appliances offer an efficient energy solution and “high-end” feel

In order to provide the efficient, high-performance homes found in The Highlands at Perry Hall community, Lennar incorporated a suite of propane-powered appliances into each home. While many builders opt for electric appliances when natural gas is unavailable, electrifying everything can have its drawbacks.

For one, homebuyers looking to purchase a premium home often times prefer the comfort and performance offered by gas appliances. It’s a customer sentiment that Lennar capitalized on.

“Propane gives us the ability to offer the features that homeowners want,” said Joanie McCann, director of sales at Lennar. “In some cases, not being able to offer those can be a deal breaker.”

The Highlands at Perry Hall homes are equipped with a propane range, propane tankless water heater, and high-efficiency propane furnace. Homeowners typically prefer propane appliances for their reliability, comfort, efficiency, and cost savings throughout ownership. Propane ranges, cooktops, and ovens are especially preferred for their superior performance, including instant on- and off-features and precise temperature control — not to mention the luxury status they bring to a home’s kitchen.

“Some homebuyers won’t want a home if they can’t get gas cooking,” McCann said. “They’re seen as more desirable. You just don’t associate an electric cooktop with a high-end, professional kitchen.”

In a high-end community, like the Highlands at Perry Hall, homebuyers may be concerned with propane compromising the home’s aesthetics. Fortunately, underground propane tanks help builders — and homeowners — maintain a luxury aesthetic. The Highlands at Perry Hall homes have individual, buried 1,000-gallon tanks. Underground tanks are safe, easy to maintain, and affordable to install.

Propane can increase customer satisfaction, help builders stand apart from the competition

By incorporating high-efficiency propane appliances into their builds, Lennar is able to market themselves and their projects better, set themselves apart from the competition, and increase profit margins. And with propane, the company can offer a full array of amenities to customers including fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, backup generators, and more.

The inability to deliver gas appliances can actually impact a builder’s sale price and overall revenue. In fact, it can often lower the sale price by $5,000. Additionally, on average, a home built with gas appliances can sell for approximately six percent more than a comparable electric home. Lennar participated in the Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) Propane Community Incentive Program, furthering propane’s value proposition for this community.

Beyond benefits to the builder, propane technologies offer key advantages to homeowners, too. Customers benefit by getting the upgrades, amenities, and comfort they want — regardless of the home’s location. Plus, homeowners will enjoy lower operating costs, energy bills, and fewer emissions compared with other options.

Visit Propane.com/Residential-Construction to learn more about the benefits of propane appliances.

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