Add the Module to Your Site

What Is It?

The Interactive Training Module is a flexible web tool that demonstrates the energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and innovation that building with propane allows. Choose the Virtual Propane Home, the Virtual Propane Buildings, or bundle the tools into a single interface to create a professional training area and supplement the static areas of your website with more engaging content.

How Should I Use It?

The Interactive Training Module is self-sufficient and flexible. Given enough visibility on your site, the module will invite users to interact with the component tools, increasing the amount of time they spend with your messaging. To get the most benefit from the tools, consider the following best practices.

Give It a Good Home

Place the module in the appropriate section of your site, such as an area for resources, interactive components, or professional training. We recommend placing the module away from promotional or sales materials, which may lead visitors to mistake the module for an ad.

Include a headline, subhead, and a brief description of the module on the page. The site visitor is likely expecting to see written content or photos. Explain that these tools provide a better way to understand propane’s benefits. A descriptive headline and subhead — for example, “Take a Tour of the Virtual Propane Home” — will also help users find your page from search engines.

Divide and Conquer

Why not separate tools into discrete modules and deploy them in multiple areas of your website? For example, place the Virtual Propane Home in the residential section of your site, then place a second module with the Virtual Propane Buildings in an area focused on commercial applications.

Multiple modules can be embedded throughout a site — but not on a single page. Doing so will cause the modules to interfere with each other and behave oddly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the module going to do for my site?
The module gives site visitors a way to learn about propane systems in an engaging, interactive way. Think about what the module is doing for the user. While advertising and promotions directly push people to use or switch to propane, the module teaches them how efficient systems lower energy costs and where propane fits into the entire performance profile of a home or business. When the time comes to switch to propane, the user will be more informed about system options and advantages over other systems.

What if I want only want one of the tools?
The form above enables customization of the module to include only the selected tools.

How often are tools updated? How often are new tools created?
We are constantly making improvements to existing tools and creating new ones. Module subscribers will be notified about changes by email. New updates take effect automatically; subscribers do not have to do anything for changes to roll out onto their site.

I’ve deployed the module successfully. Now what?
Promote the module on your home page and in outbound marketing emails. Just because you’ve published the module doesn’t mean users will find it. Adding a small banner or link from the home page will increase the number of visitors to the module.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch with you?
Submit your questions to [email protected].