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Southeastern Food Bank – Winter Garden, FL


The food bank was founded in 1991 when Mark Anthony, founder and president, started the organization in his garage. Today, with the help of donations, volunteers, nonprofits, partners, and employees who understand the need in their community, Southeastern Food Bank distributes food and grocery items through their network of sub-distributors, local churches, food pantries, emergency shelters, and senior programs, to name a few. The organization reaches twenty-six counties and more than 60 different organizations. In 2019 alone, Southeastern Food Bank distributed more than 2.5 million pounds of food to people in need.

“I choose to use propane over electric because propane is more reliable, requires less maintenance, and has more torque and power for heavy loads.”
Mark AnthonyFounder and President

Pandemic Brings Increased Demand to Florida Food Bank

Moving that much food and supplies was already an impressive feat, and that was before COVID-19 ramped up the demand to another level. Traditionally, Southeastern Food Bank handles anywhere from 24 to 36 pallets per week, but since the onset of COVID-19 in early March, the organization has been moving more than 200 pallets per week. Not only is there an increase in demand for their facility, but Southeastern Food Bank is receiving and distributing supplies from other organizations that can’t handle the spike in volume, too.


Southeastern Food Bank distributes food and supplies to over 60 different organizations, reaching twenty-six counties in Florida. The organization, which already distributed three to five million pounds of food per year, has seen an increased demand since the onset of COVID-19. In order to serve its community year-round and handle the spike in volume during the pandemic, the organization relies on its propane forklift.


  • Southeastern Food Bank, on average, distributes three to five million pounds of food and supplies each year with its propane forklift.
  • The organization has served over 137,000 families.
  • The food bank has kept pace with the increased demand during COVID-19.


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