Company Summary

Jeff Miller has spent decades working in lawn maintenance and continues to run his company, Sunrise Lawn Care, out of enjoyment for the work as he reaches retirement age. But even after using gasoline for so long, Miller says he would not go back to the fuel after using cleaner, cost-effective propane in his two-mower fleet. For the small business in Tracy City, Tennessee, using propane has reduced its fuel budget and eliminated time-intensive trips to gas stations. The company’s propane supplier refuels a 250-gallon bulk tank located on site every other week.

Within two years of using propane equipment, the company had saved enough money through increased productivity and lower fuel costs to pay for the purchase of another new propane mower.

Equipment Fleet Profile

  • 1 Scag propane-powered lawn mower
  • 1 Scag gasoline mower Sunrise will convert to propane in 2020

Sunrise Lawn Care Propane Highlights

  • $1,000 received through the Propane Mower Incentive Program from the Propane Education & Research Council for purchasing a dedicated propane mower.
  • One day of downtime for the company’s first mower conversion and training.
  • Two years of saving with propane covered the purchase of another new propane mower.
  • No cost to the company for its first mower conversion and bulk tank installation as part of its relationship with a propane supplier.

They said it…

“What I save with one propane lawn mower in about two years will buy me another lawn mower.” — Jeff Miller, owner of Sunrise Lawn Care

“I’ve had a couple customers come up and ask about it because they’ve never seen a mower run on propane. Usually they ask does it actually save any money, and I’d have to answer, oh yes it does.” — Jeff Miller

“If I were a larger company, I’d probably have to go to propane. It’s that cost-efficient.” — Jeff Miller

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