America’s Fuel That Gets The Job Done.

Lower Costs

Propane can reduce operating costs. Landscape contractors who have switched to propane report immediate cost savings.

Proven Performance

Top landscape contractors trust propane to stand up to the toughest jobs daily. Fifteen of the top mower brands offer propane-powered options.

Fewer Emissions

Propane reduces harmful carbon emissions compared with conventional fuels. In many places, propane mowers can be used on ozone action days when other mowers can’t, and low-carbon propane often gives contractors an edge when they bid on jobs.

Easy On-Site Refueling

Propane offers proven refueling options delivered right to your door. No more trips to the gas station means more time for your crews to do the jobs that pay.

Reduced Fuel Spills And Pilferage

Propane is made in America, and we have plenty of it. In fact, the United States exports enough propane annually to run the nation’s entire fleet of commercial zero-turn radius-mowers.

One Solution

For Mowing

What do you get when you choose propane-powered commercial mowers?

  • Lower fuel costs.
  • Fewer harmful carbon emissions.
  • Easy on-site refueling options.
  • An engine that’s fueled by an abundant, American-made fuel source.

For Trucks

What do you get when you choose work vehicles that operate on propane autogas?

  • Lower fuel costs.
  • Equivalent horsepower, torque, and towing capacity.
  • Affordable on-site refueling infrastructure.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide emissions.

For Remote Power Generation

A propane-powered generator provides contractors with a convenient and ideal source of portable energy that can be used on the job site.

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