The lower emissions of propane impact contractors in more ways than one. Mower fleets that utilize propane can leverage their clean operations in marketing to green-minded customers. It doesn’t hurt that propane creates a cleaner, more pleasant work environment, too.


From August 2016 through January 2017, the Propane Education & Research Council contracted the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) to execute a comparative emissions analysis study of targeted applications in key propane markets, including commercial landscape. The report studied three emissions types: full-fuel-cycle energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and criteria pollutant emissions (NOx, SOx).

Commercial Mowers

Propane improves both sides of the balance sheet — by cutting fuel costs, and by helping contractors win more bids with green-minded customers. Propane also increases productivity with convenient refueling options.

  • Sulfur Oxide (SOx): 16% less vs. gasoline
  • Nitrogen Oxide (NOx): 19% less vs. gasoline
  • Greenhouse Gases (GHG): 17% less vs. gasoline

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