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Denison Landscaping & Nursery — Fort Washington, Md.

Denison Landscaping & Nursery is one of the Washington-Baltimore metro area’s largest residential and commercial landscape contractors. Located in Fort Washington, Md., Denison has been providing landscape maintenance and landscaping services since 1973. Currently, Denison has approximately 80 landscape maintenance employees and operates a fleet of 34 commercial lawn mowers.


Running a large company with numerous accounts requires efficiency in time management, budget, and equipment maintenance.


On-site propane refueling stations save time normally spent refueling at off-site locations and increases efficiency through fuel tracking and monitoring. Cost savings of $80 to $120 realized per day using propane.

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Denison’s size and numerous accounts require efficiency in time management, budget, and equipment maintenance. Since fuel costs play a significant part in profitability, Denison began exploring alternatives to their diesel- and gasoline-fueled equipment.

On average, Denison estimates they save 80 cents to a dollar per gallon using propane.

While attending an industry trade show, Operations Manager Josh Denison, as well as other members of management, were impressed by propane’s affordability and efficiency and they invested in converting four of their commercial mowers to propane.

On average, Denison estimates they save 80 cents to a dollar per gallon using propane. The company currently runs four Exmark propane models on a daily basis, saving an estimated $20 to $30 per 72-inch riding lawn mower for a daily savings of $80 to $120.


Denison recently installed an on-site propane refueling station, which helped the company’s bottom line by saving employee time, according to Denison Vice President Elbert Monroe. The company has developed a process that includes refilling the cylinders from the bulk propane tank at the end of the day in preparation for the following day’s activities.

“The cylinders are pre-filled, so the crews can just pick them up and not spend any time refueling.”

Elbert Monroe

Vice President

“It cuts the fueling time down by 60 percent,” Monroe said. “The cylinders are pre-filled, so the crews can just pick them up and not spend any time refueling. The other crews that don’t use propane are refueling for 20 minutes every morning after the other crew has already left.”

The on-site propane fuel station also allows for monitoring and tracking, which permits businesses such as Denison to increase their efficiency. By understanding their own usage trends, Denison can better control their fuel budgets and plan ahead.

“When we’re able to monitor how much fuel we’re using, we can cut back on purchasing more than we need or taking the chance of running too low,” Monroe said. “That knowledge not only saves us dollars but also helps us brainstorm ways to become more efficient.”


In 2010, after the success of the propane mower conversions, Denison invested in two Roush CleanTech Ford F-250 trucks to haul equipment. Originally introduced to the trucks by their propane provider, Denison was attracted to propane autogas’ low price, convenient refueling options, and clean burn. Monroe is pleased with the trucks’ performance and said it’s identical to using a truck fueled with gasoline or diesel.

In Denison’s experience, as a clean burning fuel, propane has extended the life of their equipment, causing less wear and tear on the mowers. For Denison, this has translated to less machine maintenance and longer engine life, saving the company money in the long run.

“In our experience, the clean-burning, high temperature of propane has extended the time between oil and fluid changes,” Josh Denison said. “To date, our propane equipment requires far less maintenance than any of our gasoline- or diesel-fueled equipment.”

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