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Golf Courses

From A Cozy Clubhouse To Pristine Property, You Can Power It All With Propane.

Clean, American-made propane can power nearly every major application of your business. It delivers exceptional performance for everything from indoor appliances to mowers, maintenance vehicles, backup generators, and more. You’ll enjoy a level of reliability, comfort, energy efficiency, and cost savings that other fuels simply can’t match.

In an industry as competitive as yours, every opportunity to create a unique advantage is critical. Choose a propane-powered operation and you’ll give customers an experience they won’t soon forget.

Indoor Applications

From The Kitchen To The Showers, Propane Appliances Make For A More Enjoyable Experience.


Propane-powered commercial furnaces fill spaces with a more comfortable, consistent heat than electric models. The warmer air that leaves the furnace allows rooms to warm up quickly and hold steady. With zoned heating capabilities and vast capacity — in addition to efficiency ratings of 80-98.5 percent — these furnaces can meet very specific demands for any clubhouse or golf resort.


Propane boilers offer value by serving both space heating and hot water applications with high efficiency levels, reliable systems, and versatile designs. With a single boiler, you get outstanding space heating capacity for large facilities and high volumes of hot water for domestic consumption as well as related applications such as laundry.

Water Heating

With two options — tankless or storage tank — a propane-powered water heater can make a significant improvement to both performance and cost savings. Tankless water heaters are compact, energy efficient (up to 98 percent), and deliver endless, on-demand hot water. You can also place multiple units together in a “rack” system for expanded capacity. Or, you can choose an efficient and dependable storage tank water heater, with capacity exceeding 100 gallons and the ability to heat water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Doublegate Country Club in Albany, Georgia has saved $3,600 annually on energy costs since switching to propane-powered tankless water heaters.


Propane cooking equipment delivers professional-grade performance while decreasing fuel consumption. Chefs enjoy cooking with gas due to the precise temperature control, instant-on burners, greater capacity, even heat distribution, and design flexibility. This equipment also lasts longer than comparable electric equipment, which means you’ll get more from your investment.

Clothes Drying

Propane-powered clothes dryers feature load capacities and performance options ideally suited for your needs. You’ll get faster drying times that lead to lower energy costs compared with electric units. Plus, propane dryers provide a moist heat to preserve fabric quality.


A propane-powered fireplace can add aesthetic appeal to a room, while also providing warm, efficient heat. They’re up to 90 percent efficient, and feature a direct-vent design, automatic ignition, a quiet circulating fan, insulated outer casing, and advanced controls for modulation of the unit’s fire and heat output. You’ll enjoy this convenient way to provide warmth and ambience in just seconds.

Propane-powered fireplaces offer up to six times the heating capacity of electric models.

Outdoor Living

Every Outdoor Event Is Better When Propane Is Part Of The Mix.

Cooking Solutions

From a custom-designed outdoor kitchen to an ever-popular portable grill, there’s a propane-powered cooking solution to meet your needs. Featuring an outdoor kitchen or grill adds significant appeal to your venue, provides precise temperature control for cooking, and can reduce indoor heat gain and related energy use from cooling and ventilation. Propane also facilitates flexible outdoor kitchen design due to its portability, which allows for equipment reconfiguration and additions with changes in menu and capacity.

Propane grills are 105 times more environmentally friendly than charcoal grills, and are preferred by 60 percent of the population.

Patio Heaters

Propane patio heaters provide a safe and consistent heat source for outdoor spaces that can raise temperatures up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Units range from small tabletop heaters to floor-standing models with radiant heat up to 20 feet in diameter.

Fire Pits And Flames Features

For ambience and warmth, consider what propane-powered fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and flame features such as rustic outdoor lighting can offer. With nearly limitless design and configuration options, you can create a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers.

Grounds Maintenance

From Freshly Cut Fairways To Hauling Mulch For A Landscaping Project, Propane Leads The Way.


Better savings. Maximized productivity. Environmental responsibility. Propane-powered mowers from the industry’s top brands deliver it all. They cost about 30 percent less per hour to operate and emit 15 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-fueled mowers. And with walk-behind, stand-on, and zero-turn-radius models, you’ll find the perfect mowers for your crew.

When switching to propane-powered mowers, Stay Green Inc. reduced maintenance costs by 70 percent compared with gasoline-fueled units.

Turf Equipment

Propane-powered turf equipment — sand rakes, riding greens mowers, reel mowers, and large area mowers — can help you keep your operation running lean and green. They feature all the horsepower, capabilities, and attachments you need to keep a course in perfect condition, with the added benefits of cost savings and an environmentally friendly fuel.

Propane Autogas Trucks

The benefits of propane for your operation don’t stop with smaller landscaping vehicles. Light- and medium-duty trucks account for many of the nearly 140,000 vehicles that run on propane autogas in the U.S. These trucks deliver better performance for the money and provide a lower lifetime total cost of ownership compared with gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Power Generation

With Propane, You Have All The Power You Need — Any Time, Anywhere.

Standby Generators

During a power outage, caused by a storm or any unforeseen event, a propane-powered standby generator will keep you up and running without downtime. Choose from a range of capacities for your power needs, and enjoy the peace of mind of automated, hands-off operation. And because propane doesn’t degrade over time like diesel or gasoline, it’s the perfect fuel for standby generators, year after year.

Many propane-powered generators produce less than 60 decibels of sound — as quiet as a normal conversation.

Portable Generators

With portable generators powered by propane, you can power or recharge electric equipment even when you’re away from the shop or clubhouse. They’re compact, quiet, and easy to store. Plus, with propane, there’s no spillage when refueling.

Good For Your Customers. Good For The Environment. Great For Business.

Propane-powered applications can deliver major advantages for the golf industry. The more applications you power with propane, the better it is for cutting costs, improving energy efficiency, and, most importantly, creating an unforgettable customer experience.

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