The Minneapolis Star Tribune — Minn.


The Minneapolis Star Tribune is Minnesota’s largest and oldest newspaper. Distributing newspapers with vehicles powered by propane autogas has helped the paper save money and reduce emissions since the 1980s. It has a 10,000-gallon underground tank and two dispensers at its printing and loading facility, which made it easy to transition to the alternative fuel for the company and its drivers.

“I would recommend propane autogas to other fleets because of the lower cost off the fuel, available rebates and incentives, and because it helps our company be better for the environment.”

Richard Lallak

Fleet Garage Manager and Circulation Operations Manager

Minneapolis Star Tribune

The paper has always been happy with its propane autogas vehicles, but a brief stint with another fuel in 2016 actually helped the company reaffirm its commitment to propane autogas. After purchasing 18 new gasoline step vans, the company saw a noticeable increase in its fuel costs. By early 2018, 10 of the vans had been converted to propane autogas, saving the newspaper more than $2,600 per month in fuel costs.

Equipment Fleet Profile

  • 10 Ford E-450 delivery vans converted to propane autogas
  • 1 10,000-gallon underground tank connected to two dispensers with two Staubli quick-connect refueling nozzles


  • 2,500 gallons of propane autogas used monthly.
  • $12,000 received through the Minnesota Propane Association’s Vehicle Engine Fuel Incentive Program.
  • $1.07/gal less for propane autogas compared with gasoline.
  • $11,086 saved through the federal tax credit retroactively instated for 2017.

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