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Autogas Fleet



The Fayetteville Area System of Transit (FAST) — N.C.


“Propane autogas allows us to be more cost effective and more environmentally responsible.”

Randy Hume

Fast Transit Director

The Fayetteville (North Carolina) Area System of Transit (FAST) provides paratransit and fixed-route services for more than 6,000 residents every day. FAST converted its gasoline minibuses to propane autogas bi-fuel systems — which can operate on either propane autogas or gasoline — in May 2016, but had originally fueled its small-bus fleet with propane autogas from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s. The transition back to the alternative fuel has gone so well that the agency plans to convert all of its small buses, along with several service vehicles, to the bi-fuel systems.

Equipment Fleet Profile

FAST has 23 total propane autogas bi-fuel vehicles between its paratransit and fixed-route fleets, including:

  • 15 22-foot Ford E-350s
  • 4 25-foot Ford E-450s
  • 4 28-foot Ford F-550s
  • 22,000-gallon tanks connected in tandem to two dispensers on site


  • 180+ miles without downtime for refueling with propane autogas bi-fuel systems.
  • 40-50% fuel savings compared to gasoline.
  • $1.51/gal average fuel cost delivered onsite twice a week.
  • 12% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • $50,000 annually estimated fuel savings for its paratransit fleet.

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