H&H Game Birds

“Propane offers us independence and peace of mind in knowing that we aren’t relying on anyone else to keep things running smoothly, and it’s a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly choice.”

Jesse Heese
Owner of H&H Game Birds

H&H Game Birds is a fifth-generation family operation in Millboro, South Dakota, that has been hatching and raising pheasants for hunting and preservation opportunities since 1909. Each year, the company raises approximately 15,000 gamebirds and hatches 30,000 roosters.

Cleanliness, consistency, and efficiency are imperative to this type of business, which led the company to choose propane for many of its operational needs — such as heating water to wash eggs, clean the facility, and heat the full barn through its boiler which radiates heat through the floor. Gas or diesel to accomplish the same jobs would result in smoke or soot in the barns which would be harmful to the wellbeing of its delicate birds, so propane is a reliable and safe choice. The company’s Midwestern location also means extreme fluctuations in temperature throughout the year, so it relies on propane’s precise temperature control to maintain an optimal growing environment for the birds. After converting to propane, the company never runs out of hot water and can precisely control building heat which is vital to the health of its pheasants.

Equipment Profile

  • Water Heater
  • Building Heat — Both Radiant and Floor

Propane Highlights

  • Propane is a cleaner, non-toxic fuel that doesn’t contaminate ground water or soil — making it safe to use around animals and plants.
  • Propane-powered heating systems maintain precise room temperatures within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit of the desired temperature.
  • Propane radiant heating is easily zoned, allowing producers to heat different areas to different set temperatures, for optimal animal health, as well as fuel savings.
  • Propane boilers are available in a wide range of heating capacities to support different farm applications, with inputs reaching as high as 8,660,000 Btu/h.

“Propane allows us to radiate heat if the power goes out for several hours as opposed to electricity where if something goes wrong, you’re looking at extreme amounts of bird fatalities. It’s reassuring to know that as long as I keep propane in our tank, we’re going to have an efficient fuel whenever we need it.”

Jesse Heese
Owner of H&H Game Birds

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