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Florida Crystals – West Palm Beach, FL


Equipment Fleet Profile

1 propane-powered forklift

1 propane-powered grain dryer

2 propane-powered engines for water pumping

Propane-powered forklifts, rice drying, and water pumping support company’s mission to produce the most sustainable products while reducing its carbon footprint. Florida Crystals, the only domestic producer of organic sugar, is a vertically integrated cane sugar and rice producer with operations covering everything from the farm to packaged products available for retail purchase. Known for producing some of the most sustainable cane sugar and rice products available, clean energy is very important to the operation.

Florida Crystals has used clean, American-made propane to power its forklifts and for drying rice after harvesting for many years and recently began incorporating more propane-powered water pumps as well. After completing a pilot study using a propane injection system on two of its water pumps, which “injects” a small amount of propane into the air intake of the diesel engine, the company experienced a 15 percent reduction in operating costs. Recognizing the immediate benefits of substituting even a small portion of propane for diesel, the company plans to continue making the switch to propane for its cost savings as well as environmental benefits, reliability, flexibility, and lower carbon footprint.

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