Energize Your Impact: Talking with students about propane careers

Many of us have wondered how we can give back to our communities and set a good example for future generations. You have a unique opportunity to do exactly that. It’s as easy as sharing your perspectives as a propane provider with students of all ages.

Schools in your community are often looking for volunteers to come to the school and speak to students about careers, lead in-person education sessions, or other demonstrations. The goal? Help connect the dots between what students are learning in the classroom and the real world. It’s also a chance to open their eyes to all the possibilities of a career in the propane industry — whether they choose to attend college or trade school, run their own business, or choose another path. The added benefit for the propane industry is sharing the environmental and social benefits of propane.

Contact your state association to get a kit today, at no cost to you!

Download and print the activities and experiments for each grade level when you run out. Stickers are only available in the kits currently.

Download Career Day Brochure