When deciding on the right energy solution for Florida’s Broward County Transit, Paul Strobis, the director of paratransit, had several factors to take into account. First, the vehicle range. With a 471-square-mile county, Broward County Transit provides more than 900,000 trips a year across 11.5 million miles. Second, the environment. Broward is nestled between the fragile Everglades and coral reefs, so the energy source had to reduce emissions. Finally, the cost. The energy solution couldn’t drive up the cost of achieving a high-volume, near-zero emissions fleet.

The only energy source that could achieve all of these goals at once was propane autogas. Not only has Broward County been able to easily keep up with the volume of passengers, but the fleet has reduced CO2 emissions by thousands of metric tons and saved more than $8 million in the process.

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