Executive Management Team

Contact me for:

  • PERC's Strategic Plan
  • Council Initiatives
  • Business Development
  • Residential and Commercial Sector
  • Market Outreach Training
  • Autogas Opportunities

Gavin Hale

Vice President of Business Development

Contact me for:

  • Business Partnerships
  • New Market Opportunities
  • Product Development and Commercialization

Erin Hatcher

Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Contact me for:

  • Communications and Marketing Strategy
  • EnergyforEveryoneTM campaign
  • Environmental Thought Leadership
  • Public Relations
  • Industry Communications

Bridget Kidd

Senior Vice President, Industry Relations

Contact me for:

  • Industry Engagement
  • Industry Initiatives and Programs
  • Marketer Training
  • Industry Meetings

Eric Kuster

Senior Vice President, Safety, Education, and Compliance

Contact me for:

  • Propane safety
  • Education and training programs
  • Compliance
  • Safety and Technical Training Working Group

Shawn Stack

Vice President, Finance, Data, Technology

Contact me for:

  • Budget
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Data Analytics
  • Assessment

President's Office

Theresa Ryan

Director of Administration and Human Resources

Contact me for:

  • Staffing
  • Benefits
  • Office Administration
  • PERC Councilors

Samantha Lambert

Executive Assistant

Contact me for:

  • President and CEO's Schedule
  • General PERC Inquiries
  • Catalog Safety Items

Business Development

The Business Development team works with industry members to research, develop and commercialize new technologies with manufacturers and partners to grow new uses and users of propane. This team of market-centric leaders supports the strategic direction for research and market growth by providing market analysis, technical subject matter expertise, product development, commercialization, and training to position propane as a sustainable energy solution.

Jim Bunsey

Director of Commercial Business Development

Contact me for:

  • Commercial and Power Generation
  • Commercial Product Development
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Joseph Calhoun

Director of Off-Road Business Development

Contact me for:

  • Material Handling
  • Off-Road Equipment, Vehicles, and Engines
  • Power Generation

Bryan Cordill

Director of Residential and Commercial Business Development

Contact me for:

  • Residential Business Partnerships
  • Product Development
  • Incentive Programs

Sai Satish Guda

Manager, Research and Development

Contact me for:

  • Technical Data and Research
  • Emissions Models and Technologies
  • Engine Technologies

Rachel Hrabik

Manager, Business Development

Contact me for:

  • Requests for Information About Propane in Your Market
  • Questions About the Farm Incentive and Construction Incentive Programs
  • New Business Development Opportunities

Michael Newland

Director of Agriculture Business Development

Contact me for:

  • Agriculture Markets
  • Off-Road Stationary Engines

Gokul Vishwanathan

Director of Research and Sustainability

Contact me for:

  • Engine Technologies
  • Power Generation
  • Technical Data and Research
  • Regulatory Questions

Stephen Whaley

Director of Autogas Business Development

Contact me for:

  • Propane Autogas Business Applications
  • Fuel Tax and Incentive Database
  • Propane Autogas Calculator

Communications and Marketing

The Communications and Marketing team is responsible for brand strategy and development, marketing programs for all business sectors, public relations, environmental thought leadership, dev/ops, and corporate communications. The team uses a combination of paid media (advertising), earned media (public relations), and owned media (propane.com, social media platforms, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters) to achieve the optimal reach and frequency of our messages to our target audiences.

Ingrid Bechard

Director of External Communications

Contact me for:

  • Digital Strategy
  • School Bus Programs
  • Propane Autogas
  • Media Requests

Matt Butner

Communications Manager

Contact me for:

  • Rapid Response
  • Environmental Thought Leadership
  • Press Releases
  • Media Inquiries

Patrick Hyland

Director of Industry Communications

Contact me for:

  • Industry-Facing Communications
  • Marketer Sales Training Program
  • State Rebate Program
  • General State Association Support

Contact me for:

  • Social Media
  • Energy for EveryoneTM Brand Questions
  • General Communications Requests or Questions

Gregg Walker

Director of Market Communications

Contact me for:

  • Homeowner Programs
  • Construction Professional Outreach
  • Training on Propane and the Environment

Jeremy Wishart

Director of Technical Communications

Contact me for:

  • Agriculture, Material Handling, and Off-Road Marketing Programs
  • Public Relations
  • Technical Reports
  • Media Requests

Finance, Data, Technology

The Finance, Data, Technology team is responsible for the accounting operations, data acquisition and analysis, and information technology. The team prepares the annual budget, financial reporting, and analysis, manages all external reporting and audits, as well as data analytics across all markets. In addition, they provide helpdesk support for industry users of PERC applications and websites, including the state websites and the Resource Catalog. The group also oversees the contracting and legal affairs of the Council assessing legal conformity and risks of the Council’s activities.

Tameka Bias

Web Technologies and Network Administrator

Contact me for:

  • Resource Catalog Helpdesk
  • State Association Online Training/Events Registration Forms
  • State Association Website Maintenance

Destiny Fernandisse

Hubspot Marketing Manager

Contact me for:

  • Digital Communications
  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Edward Kent

Senior Manager, Accounting and Finance Operations

Contact me for:

  • Treasury Management
  • Budget
  • Assessment Revenue
  • Warehouse and Inventory Financial Support

John L. Kerekes

Senior Contracts Manager and Counsel

Contact me for:

  • Legal Issues
  • Compliance
  • Contracts
  • Grants

Industry Relations

The Industry Relations team brings the work of PERC to the members of our industry and our industry partners. From training materials to marketing programs, the industry relations team strives to facilitate the integration of PERC’s commercialization, market development, market and safety training, and other programs into retailers’ businesses. The industry relations team also manages our volunteer groups, industry events, and grant management programs.

Elena Bennett

Manager, Industry Training Programs

Contact me for:

  • Market & Industry Training (Sales and CSR training)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Technical School Grant Program
  • Workforce Outreach

Anna W. Lombardo

Director, Meetings and Events

Contact me for:

  • Council Meetings
  • Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Various industry-related meetings and events
  • Councilors' Website

Kirstain McArdle

Industry Relations Coordinator

Contact me for:

  • Fulfilment Center Customer Service
  • Industry Events and Programs
  • General Industry Inquiries

Ginna Moseley

Program Manager

Contact me for:

  • Tradeshow Executions
  • Demonstration Programs
  • Collateral Materials
  • Propane Presents training series

Khosrow Naderi

Data Scientist

Contact me for:

  • Market data research
  • National industry trends
  • Propane retail sales report

Joanna Randazzo

Senior Manager, Grants and State Support

Contact me for:

  • National Grant Program
  • State Rebate Grant Program
  • PERC GMS (Grants Portal) Technical Support

Kristen Rice

Director, State Support and Grants

Contact me for:

  • National Grant Program
  • State Rebate Grant Program
  • PERC GMS (Grants Portal) Technical Support
  • State Association Speaking Opportunities

Grace Willis

Director of Market and Industry Data

Contact me for:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgets
  • Advisory Committee

Paula Wilson

Director of Industry Engagement

Contact me for:

  • Strategies for Utilizing PERC’s Programs and Resources
  • Presentations and Opportunities to Educate Industry Members
  • General Feedback on Programs
  • Sharing Your Marketer Success Story

Safety, Education, and Compliance

The Safety, Education, and Compliance team works with industry members to create innovative safety and compliance programs, as well as the development of workforce safety training materials to meet the evolving trends and demands of the propane industry. This team is also responsible for the Learning Center, which makes educational and compliance programs and training records available to users on-line, anytime, and anywhere.

Eric Kuster

Senior Vice President, Safety, Education, and Compliance

Contact me for:

  • Propane safety
  • Education and training programs
  • Compliance
  • Safety and Technical Training Working Group

Christopher Hanson

Director, Learning Center and Educational Projects

Contact me for:

  • Learning Center Integration
  • Training Programs
  • New Program Inquiries

Margaret Hiatt

Educational Content Manager

Contact me for:

  • e-Learning Programs
  • Course Content
  • Curriculum Questions

Garrett Johnson

Learning Center Coordinator

Contact me for:

  • Propane Training Programs
  • Learning Center Support
  • Safety and Training Helpdesk Inquiries
  • CETP Certification Program

Tebel Kiser

Instructional Design and Development Specialist

Contact me for:

  • Course Content
  • Training Programs

Lyndon Rickards

Director of Safety and Compliance

Contact me for:

  • Safety and Compliance
  • Regulations, Codes, and Standards
  • Safety and Regulatory Programs
  • Safety Technology