Energy for Everyone

Everyone deserves access to clean, affordable, reliable energy.

Propane and renewable propane reduce carbon emissions while reliably meeting energy needs in homes, businesses, farms, and on the road. That’s why propane is the energy for everyone.

Propane and renewable propane are trusted energy in places where people and nature coexist in a delicate balance, like national parks and sensitive habitats. Looking to the future, we celebrate the non-toxic, nature-friendly Energy for Everyone.

Why Propane?


Propane and renewable propane are low-carbon energy sources that produce fewer emissions than the equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid.


Propane is recognized as a safe fuel when handled, stored, and used in accordance with industry-standard safety guidelines and practices.


Millions of Americans rely on propane for resilient, always-on energy that is independent from the electric grid.


Propane can reduce energy bills for both families and businesses. Plus, propane equipment generally lasts longer than electric models, making it more cost-effective.