The city of Boise, Idaho, is experimenting with a solution to its housing crisis. It will allow the placement of six movable tiny homes within city limits as part of a pilot project that would temporarily reverse an ordinance prohibiting the structures.

If successful, city leaders may consider allowing this type of housing permanently.

“The idea was that we need more housing that’s affordable to folks on a Boise budget,” Kyle Patterson, the city’s director of innovation and performance, told the Idaho Statesman Journal. “Meanwhile, things like tiny homes and small-footprint living are in high demand these days, but not something allowed within city limits.”

The median price of a newly built single-family house in Ada County was more than $500,000 in March.

Tiny homes can be placed on land throughout the city on one condition: Homeowners who share property boundaries with the structure must give unanimous approval.

It’s an interesting concept. If successful, builders may have more opportunities to sell micro-housing. Propane is the fuel of choice for movable microhomes because, like these structures, tanks are portable.

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