Houston real estate developer Meristem Communities plans to create a 235-acre neighborhood in Fort Bend County, Texas, that will reconnect residents with our food system.

Indigo has been approved for 750 residential homes. The planned community includes 42 acres of agriculture, a 25-acre lake, and a mixed-use commercial section.

“Part of Indigo’s DNA includes a foundational connection to agriculture, so the community is built around a human-scale working farm and pasture. This is unique because modern development projects rarely consider an agrarian perspective,” Meristem Communities founders said in an interview with Builder.

The development will carve out multiple car-free zones and places an emphasis on walkability, access to nature, and small craft businesses.

“We want parents to feel comfortable with their kids walking to get an ice cream, and we want residents to feel like they can accomplish much of their normal daily business within a quarter of a mile walk,” the developers say.

Not all the details are ironed out just yet.

“We have to carefully consider the crops and livestock that are best suited to the local climate, soil, and water resources, as well as develop effective irrigation and pest management strategies,” they add.

Ultimately, Indigo will be a place where residents can experience “full-bellied living,” where food is grown and produced in their own neighborhood.

There are number of “agrihood” developments throughout the country and more in the works.

Propane can help bring these projects to fruition. Most working farms depend on propane for grain dryers, water heating, generators, and building heat.

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