NTEA Show Attendees Searching for Solutions to EV Fleet Shortcomings

Mingling with trade show attendees is always an enlightening experience. Most want to pick your brain to learn ways to solve problems or get a jump on the competition through increased sustainability, productivity, and efficiency.

Almost 15,000 attendees at the NTEA Work Truck Week event were searching for those insights – and making deals when they found them.

At our PERC booth, a non-stop flow of work truck industry professionals, OEMs and government fleet representatives peppered us with questions about the latest propane Autogas technology. Most were searching for solutions to problems they’ve experienced pivoting from traditional diesel to electric fleet vehicles to meet imminent emissions goals. The conversations were energizing.

Visitors were particularly intrigued with the promise of the forthcoming Cummins 6.7-liter propane engine and the clean-burning, dual-purpose fueling system from Propane Fueling Solutions. That new system combines an efficient 60kW propane generator with wind and solar power to create a microgrid that allows fleets to affordably implement a drop-in charging solution. The skid also includes a refueling station for propane autogas vehicles.

For fleets that run propane autogas and EVs, it’s a solution that can’t be beat. It’s fully portable, scalable, runs reliably regardless of the weather, and can be installed in as little as 24 hours. No more worries about grid failure grounding a fleet because it can’t be charged with a clean, reliable power solution!