Multifamily property owners and developers are in something of an arms race to lure tenants with convenient, even luxurious, amenities.

Multifamily Executive spoke with several industry design experts to learn which features are in demand this year.

Not surprisingly, telework and creative workspaces are becoming more common as many people continue operating on hybrid schedules. These spaces offer traditional office features but also cater to the growing class of digital creators with dedicated areas for podcasting and photography.

Designers also point to the adaptive reuse of existing buildings, turning abandoned warehouses, office buildings, and department stores into multifamily units. For architects and specifiers, this trend represents an opportunity to utilize the latest energy-efficient technologies, such as propane-powered tankless water heaters and boilers to supply domestic hot water and building heat.

Of course, health and wellness are a focal point, as well. Designers say multifamily properties that offer features beyond gyms will have a competitive edge. Meditation areas, massage rooms, and saunas should be part of the wellness mix. And don’t forget pickleball courts. After all, pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the country. Properties could appeal to hardcore pickleball players — yes, they exist — by offering courts playable year-round with propane-fueled snowmelt systems.

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