The original plans for The Green on Campus Drive, Utah Valley University’s new apartment complex, called for multiple water heaters and 5,000-gallon storage tanks. However, the university switched to Intellihot tankless water heaters after realizing the space-saving potential.

Now eight tankless units, for a total capacity of 14,500,000 Btu per hour, provide ample hot water for the 450-unit complex while taking up considerably less square footage. The smaller footprint allowed the university to increase residential and office space, among other amenities, including storage for snow-melting equipment.

“The initial capital expense of these tankless systems is often 50 percent below tank-type systems that are frequently overbuilt to ensure adequate hot water supply,” Contractor reports. “Additionally, the installation is simpler, with reduced piping needs, all while requiring a significantly smaller footprint for the equipment.”

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