Tom Mitchell, president and chief operating officer of Tri Pointe Homes, considers his company to be in the “life-changing business.” Part of that responsibility, he says, is understanding what matters most to the customers whose lives he aims to change.

That makes the company’s announcement of enhancements to LivingSmart, its program to construct high-performance homes that offer cost savings and a better environment to their owners, interesting to monitor. The company used independent consumer research to evaluate the program and find areas where the program could be improved and where homebuyer interest is strongest.

The vast majority of respondents (86 percent) said it is extremely or very important that their new home encompasses energy-saving features. “Home shoppers rated energy-efficient HVAC equipment, the MERV 13 Air Filter for HVAC systems, tankless or high-performance water heaters, video doorbells, and whole-home surge protection as the most valued,” the company said in a press release.

As the number 16 builder in the 2022 Builder 100 list, Tri Pointe’s move to offer more of these features standard could have an impact on homebuyer expectations nationwide. For builders constructing new communities away from the natural gas infrastructure, propane is an important fuel for powering the high-efficiency furnaces and tankless water heaters that buyers expect. Learn more about what builders should know about propane in our toolkit for production builders.

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