Whether you’re managing your facility’s boiler or designing a heating system that involves one, you may have a role in creating or implementing the procedures to use the boiler, so it’s important to be aware of safe operation practices. In Engineered Systems magazine, Mike Taylor, technical and safety director at WARE, highlights the steps pros should know during startup and shutdown.

The first step? Checking the area around the boiler. “Make sure there is no trash, debris, or anything flammable nearby,” he says. “Check for water leaks or puddles where they aren’t supposed to be. Check all the insulation, support structures, brackets, and other physical parts of the area in and around the boiler. Make sure everything looks right and there are no loose pieces, loose insulation, or any corroded or rusted areas.”

In the article, Taylor examines further practices for the water, air, fire, initial operation, and shutdown of the boiler. Following these procedures is important not only for safety but for maintaining the lifespan of a propane boiler — so that your facility can enjoy the efficiency and performance of the equipment for years to come.

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